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Attention to Detail

There are lots of people in Baltimore who rehab houses for a living. Some do spectacular work, while others . . . not so much. Some believe that doing just the bare minimum is what’s needed to turn a profit. I call it the “good enough” mentality. Others believe that paying attention to the details is a far more profitable strategy. Not just personally profitable, but profitable for the new owners and also the community. It seems that one beautifully renovated home begets another, and before long the whole damn area looks good. People start to expect and demand more.

DSC_0983_01I usually drive down Falls Road on my way to work.  It’s not the quickest route, I-83 being much faster, but it’s the most interesting route.  It’s a way for me to catalogue the changes taking place in an area with which I’ve become very familiar: Hampden.  One day on way to my office I noticed a house being rehabbed in the 3500 block of Falls Road and decided to investigate on my way home later that day.  I stared at the house from across the street and noticed the guy parked in front staring back at me.

A developer (let’s call him Joe) bought this house to rehab and sell.  I approached him hoping to get the listing, but he made it clear he already had an agent.  Nevertheless, he invited me to take a look at his latest project.  Joe was obviously proud of the work being done and he had every reason to be.  This house has two master suites, one with a balcony.  In addition to a courtyard, it also has a detached garage — a rarity in Hampden.  This house has all the advantages of being in Hampden — the restaurants, coffee shops, galleries, and none of the drawbacks, i.e. lack of parking and heavy foot traffic.  It also faces Roosevelt Park.

Joe’s reputation is very important to him and each project is aCedar-lined closet billboard for that reputation.  He informed me that he hires skilled craftsmen and pays them accordingly.  He drove me around Hampden and Charles Village showing me other homes he’s worked on.  Joe pays attention to details, and so do his workers.  In the house on Falls Road, Joe added features that he would want if he planned to live there: cedar-lined closets; a brick patio; bull-nosed trim around windows; a balcony off a bedroom; and beautifully landscaped front and back yards.  Joe will make a profit in Hampden, but Hampden will also profit.  Every professionally executed rehab raises the bar for the next one.

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