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Your rehab featured on this blog


Rehabbers are the modern-day frontiersmen and frontierswomen.  With the cost of building materials rising along with an uncertain housing market future, it takes courage and vision to embark on such a task.  And yet there are tons of rehabbers in the city recycling the almost inexhaustible supply of houses in disrepair  — houses that need to be brought back to their highest and best use.

In order to be featured, I would need to be involved at the outset so I can get “before” photos.  In addition to the before and after photos you are welcome to provide as much or as little information you are comfortable sharing.

  • including the names of your contractors with their contact information
  • materials used, etc.

It’s all up to you.

So what’s in it for you, the rehabber?  You can build interest in your project before it’s completed and possibly have buyers waiting in the wings.  I can write several posts about your project to show progress or if you prefer, write one long post after it’s finished — your choice.

If you’re interested and would like your next project featured on this blog, let me know by calling or emailing me at my contact information at the bottom of this page.

I’m Greg Bridges with Long & Foster Real Estate and I sell and write about real estate in the Baltimore area.  Office 410-377-2270, Mobile 410-215-0565 or





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