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Imaginative Rehabs

Imaginative Rehabs Design

Let’s face it.  Most rehabbers are motivated by profit.  And that’s okay, but there is no excuse for slapdash workmanship, builder-grade everything, or lack of imagination.

As a Realtor I’ve had the opportunity to see incredible renovations, some with unexpected attention to detail.  But more often than not, what I encounter is “good enough” workmanship and Xerox copies of what everyone else does right down to beige-colored walls with white trim.



Slowly, thoughtful, imaginative rehabs are peeking through this haze of a mediocrity.  There aren’t enough in Baltimore to fill a magazine – I wish there were – but there is enough to feature in this blog when I find them.

If you see a home that epitomizes attention to detail or imaginative design, send me a picture or an address and I’ll feature it here.  Perhaps, with enough examples, we can inspire others to help to turn this city into a DSC_1036place of livable, imaginative design.

Upper Fells Point

Upper Fells Point


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