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  • Phases of a Butcher’s Hill Rehab – Part 1

    IN THE BEGINNING A house is not just a compilation of wood, drywall and nails.  It is an idea brought to fruition by skill, labor and imagination.  That last ingredient – imagination—is what distinguishes your house from my house. The right combination of skill and imagination can...
  • Plan on Rehabbing a House?

    Do you plan on rehabbing a house?  If so, I’d like to photograph and write about your project.  So, what’s in it for you?  Perhaps the pride of knowing millions will see your project go from a caterpillar to a butterfly?  Okay—“millions” may be an...
  • Do you speak real estate?

    The remarks section is where agents get to describe their listings – the home they are actively engaged in trying to sell.  Some agents simply give the facts.  Others use their imagination to paint a picture so you can use your imagination to fantasize what...
  • design within reach 2 (Sold at full list price in less than 30 days)

    House by house Greenmount West, one neighborhood located in Station North Arts and Entertainment District, is realizing the vision many in the area have hoped for.  I wrote about a house in this neighborhood a few months ago, “Design Within Reach.” That house sold quickly and...
  • 436 Federal Street — design within reach (sold above list price)

    Federal Street homes are ripe with value and nowhere is this more apparent than at 436 Federal Street. This is a true ground-up rehab with all new plumbing and electrical systems and, of course, a home warranty. The walls are architect white and the floors are light natural oak hardwood.
  • Reservoir Hill: It’s time for real estate.

    During my initial home search in Baltimore thirteen years ago, Reservoir Hill was described as a neighborhood on the rebound – a transitional neighborhood about to make that final transition. But then I found articles reporting the same sentiment 20 years earlier. Reservoir Hill and its sibling,
  • Patterson Park Perfection

    Baltimore is a rehab city and there are tons of housing stock available and ready to be transformed. But it’s not easy to turn a caterpillar into a butterfly. It takes drawings, permits and the whole permitting process to contend with – waiting for multiple inspectors to show up at various stages of the project. Many

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