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Harwood: It’s not Charles Village and it doesn’t need to be.

Every time I meet someone who lives in Harwood, they insist on correcting me and saying they live in Charles Village.  It reminds me of the barber shop scene in the movie “Coming to America,” where a barber, referring to Muhammad Ali, says, “his mama named him Clay, I’ma call him Clay.”

The average size of a Harwood home is around 1300 square feet of taxable living space*, while Charles Village homes often exceed 2000 square feet.  With a smaller size, rehab costs are more manageable.

Currently, there are only six homes for sale in Harwood ranging in price from $49K to $86K—but keep in mind that the neighborhood is only two blocks wide and seven blocks long.  The absorption rate for Harwood is a little more than 3.5 months; a sellers’ market.



The beauty of Harwood is its tree-lined streets; close proximity to both a Safeway and a Giant; it has one of the best farmer’s markets in the city every Saturday morning; and it is walking distance to Johns Hopkins University.  According to, Harwood is considered “very walkable” (most errands can be accomplished on foot).  And homes with 1200-1300 square feet in a 3/1/1 configuration (3 bedrooms, 1-1/2 baths) have recently sold for around $130K.  With lower assessed value, the taxes are considerably lower than a Charles Village home just a few blocks away.


Rehab in Harwood

I get the whole thing about claiming to live in Charles Village when you really live in Harwood.  It’s probably an easier way to explain where you live, because most people in Baltimore have probably never heard of Harwood.  It’s like telling someone in Texas that you live in Baltimore when you really live in Dundalk.  It’s just simpler that way.  Beyond that, living in Harwood is something to be happy about.

Greg Bridges is a Baltimore-based Realtor who sells and writes about real estate in Baltimore. 410-215-0565

*Taxable living space does not include any part of the basement.


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