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Remington: Hampden’s little sister is all grown up.

Remington has for years lived in the shadow of its larger, more well-known sibling, Hampden. But it is now growing into its own.  While this story is about 2633 Hampden Avenue, it’s also about the neighborhood.

Let’s begin at the beginning:  2633 Hampden Avenue has undergone many configurations during its 107-year history.  Today it has 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, HVAC, and a blank-slate courtyard ready for your creative realization.  The granite countertops and stainless steel appliances are what you expect in a new renovation.  It also has a finished basement that’s fit to be on a first floor anywhere else.  What you don’t find very often in Remington is a home of this size:  1260 above-ground square feet.  If this home were located in Hampden, you’d have to add roughly another $70K.  The first thing I noticed about this house is the attention to detail.  The owners obviously know what they’re doing, as I did not observe a single shortcut.

So, here’s what so special about Remington and, indeed, this house.  Remington is located adjacent to the southwest corner of Hampden.  According to Live Baltimore, Remington is in the midst of a major resurgence.  But you don’t have to believe Baltimore’s largest booster–you can see it for yourself. Every time I drive through Remington, I see rehabs in various stages of completion; restaurants with alfresco dining; and people walking dogs (thankfully sans bandanas).  Seawall Development, the developer of R House, appears to be all in.  JHU also appears bullish, offering $10K down payment buyer assistance to those connected to the University or its hospital.

Besides what I mentioned about 2633 Hampden Avenue itself, this is what else you get when you own this house: an artsy, walkable neighborhood, with quiet streets, and a village-like atmosphere. And maybe I was projecting when I drove through the other day, but the residents of this neighborhood appeared to know how lucky they were to be living there.

Walking Score awards a remarkable 90 (out of 100) walk score, and a 90 bike score

Here are the walkables from 2633 Hampden Avenue:

  • 4-minute walk to Walgreens
  • 7-minute walk to R House
  • 8-minute walk to Clavel, a James Beard Award semi-finalist restaurant
  • 9-minute walk to The Dizz
  • 10-minute walk to Safeway
  • 22-minute walk/ 5-minute drive to Wyman Park
  • 20-minute walk/ 4-minute drive to the center Johns Hopkins University campus

I’m not the listing agent for this house, but I felt impelled to write about it.  If you’d like to know more contact me directly.  You can also see the full listing by clicking this link. See 2633 Hampden.

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