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How to get a neighbor to clean up their act — this may not work but you have to try

Yep, this is one household two days before garbage pickup.

Let’s face it, there are some neighborhoods dirtier than others.  I haven’t figured out why this is, but I suspect it has to do with the tipping point of apathy, lack of pride in neighborhood and indeed the city itself.  Why am I writing about this in a blog focused on real estate?  Because filth affects the price of real estate.  Ask yourself, would you like to live next door to this?  When buyers look at a home, they also consider either consciously or subconsciously the surrounding area — first next door, then the block, then the neighborhood.

So if you live next door to this, you can try several approaches.  First talk to the neighbor.  This may not be a pleasant experience, but it has to be done.  Build a coalition of other neighbors who feel the same way you do and consider doing it as a group.  Next, file a complaint via 311 online.  You can call this in, but it’s best to do it online so you can submit photos of the problem.  After you make your complaint, you’ll be notified that the responsible department will take 10 days to inspect. Of course, the problem may have been rectified by then, but it doesn’t matter, you have documentation with your photo.

If the property is rental contact the landlord with a certified letter, return receipt requested.  You can locate the owner of the property on SDAT. If the property is owned by the Baltimore Housing Authority, the number is 443-984-1867. If this doesn’t work, contact your city councilman.

This is a process, so don’t expect an immediate resolution.  You are not necessarily changing the world, but you can change your block, your neighborhood, and maybe your city.  It beats running to the suburbs.

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