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Ednor Gardens: A stone’s throw.

Baltimore has over two hundred neighborhoods, each with a personality of its own.  Some neighborhoods are deserts of every description – food, opportunity, hope, and peace of mind. Still others thrive with diverse demography and a thick canopy of mature foliage. Ednor Gardens is the latter.

Officially designated “Ednor Gardens – Lakeside,” this neighborhood is a shady enclave of stone homes within walking distance to a supermarket (a Giant is less than four blocks from its southwest border), and there is also the year-round Waverly farmers’ market.  The two legs of this neighborhood straddle Original Northwood, where property taxes increase precipitously. Walkscore.com gives homes in this area a walk scores between 69 and 55. But with regard to groceries and parks Ednor Gardens receives near to and above 70. (A walkable score of 53 means some errands can be accomplished on foot, while a score of 70 means most errands can be accomplished on foot.)

DSC_1415Currently, the absorption rate is 143 days – a sellers’ market. And if you eliminate the 5 outliers in both sold and active listings with more than 200 days on the market, that number drops to 136 days.

So what makes Ednor Gardens such a great neighborhood? First, home prices are competitive with other areas of the city.  Although it’s primed to break the $200k-row-house barrier, the most expensive row homes sell for less than 200K. Next is its location: It’s an easy shot to Saint Paul Street,DSC_1412 a major artery that feeds downtown and everything in between. Another draw is the look of this neighborhood, with tree-lined streets and well-maintained stone houses. To quote one Realtor in the remarks section of her listing, Ednor Gardens “…is the most beautiful neighborhood in Baltimore – azaleas – forsythias – spring will have sprung in this super convenient neighborhood.”  If I had to compare Ednor Gardens to a TV show, I’d choose CBS Sunday Morning, not with Charles Osgood, but with Charles Karult.

I’m Greg Bridges and I sell and write about real estate in and around Baltimore.  410-215-0565 or g.bridges@lnf.com


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