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  • Station North: The New Wild West

    Station North is evolving.  It didn’t start last year, or even the year before.  It started with baby steps, picking up speed slowly.  It didn’t receive the sort of help the Inner Harbor received. This evolution is more organic. Lots of people are bullish on this...
  • I wish someone WOULD move my chairs

    The snow stopped.  Next came the sound of people shoveling after snowplows have barricaded their cars behind dirty-white levees.  The other sounds go something like this: “I shoveled it, so it’s my spot” and “I wish someone WOULD move my chairs.” “Parking chairs” are on...
  • Imaginative Rehabs

    Imaginative Rehabs Design Let’s face it.  Most rehabbers are motivated by profit.  And that’s okay, but there is no excuse for slapdash workmanship, builder-grade everything, or lack of imagination. As a Realtor I’ve had the opportunity to see incredible renovations, some with unexpected attention to...
  • Attention to Detail

    There are lots of people in Baltimore who rehab houses for a living. Some do spectacular work, while others . . . not so much. Some believe that doing just the bare minimum is what’s needed to turn a profit. I call it the “good enough” mentality....
  • The other side of Hampden

    What do you know about Hampden? Hampden is a somewhat bifurcated neighborhood. On one side of Falls Road you have 36th Street, also known as The Avenue, with its restaurants (up- and down-scale), bars (up- and down-scale), hipster clothes and, well, hipsters. Real estate-wise, it’s a...
  • Bottega, the idea of it

    Adrien, the owner of Bottega, transformed a fading-into-the-cityscape row house into rough hewn wonder, with wood salvaged from a barn in Harpers Ferry (also a Craigslist find). DSC_0836The fact that Bottega is open also means he managed to traverse a bureaucracy that hasn’t quite embraced one-stop shopping.
  • Honey Comb Boxing Gym

    I’ve often toyed with the idea of joining a boxing gym to get into shape, but then passed on the idea when I envisioned younger, stronger, faster men kicking my ass without threat of criminal charge. It seems that with each passing day in the span of our lives, we lose options. I can confidently say that boxing is one option I no longer have.

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