• After Freddie Gray, now what?

    This is not the kind of post I wanted to write.  I would have preferred writing about neighborhoods, businesses, and activities that, in some way, impact real estate.  But given recent events I am impelled to deviate from that path. On May 1, 2015, six...
  • I wish someone WOULD move my chairs

    The snow stopped.  Next came the sound of people shoveling after snowplows have barricaded their cars behind dirty-white levees.  The other sounds go something like this: “I shoveled it, so it’s my spot” and “I wish someone WOULD move my chairs.” “Parking chairs” are on...
  • Honey Comb Boxing Gym

    I’ve often toyed with the idea of joining a boxing gym to get into shape, but then passed on the idea when I envisioned younger, stronger, faster men kicking my ass without threat of criminal charge. It seems that with each passing day in the span of our lives, we lose options. I can confidently say that boxing is one option I no longer have.

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